Planet3w Client Portfolio

Delta Drone

Delta Drones is a start-up on the cutting edge of the latest trend. They provide drone service (drone work for hire), training seminars and consulting services. What sets them apart from other drone companies is that owner Shelby Knight and Colby Gray are gifted drone experts. This gives their business a unique focus on expertise and safety that other companies, in their rush to jump on the hottest new trend, sorely lack.

Fly Monroe Airport

The Monroe Regional Airport, manages a fast-growing regional airport in Monroe, Louisiana. They’re working hard to raise their profile and market share, in constant competition with a neighboring city airports. They had just undergone a huge remodeling project to completely revamp their image, and extensive renovations to give their customers a better experience. The project: an airport website redesign RFP Problem was, the website couldn’t follow through with the brand’s promise. It was dated and clunky, built on legacy technology and managed through a legacy CMS that made content editing challenging. The MLU team didn't want legacy technology getting in the way of telling their story.

Torion Sellers

In the current state of the world, we are accustomed to our youth being treated as if they are animals; that they have no couth; no goals. Well those days are coming to a close. Now are the days of today’s youth having goals; having dreams and conquering them. Coming out of the starting gate is Atlanta’s own, Torion Sellers. He is an Actor – Singer – Songwriter and he is here to stay!